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La Champagnerie



La Champagnerie’s Cocktail of the month!

  Not only are we specialists in Champagne and other bubbles, but our mixologists never cease to stimulate their creativity and their knowledge to come up with unique and original cocktails using only first choice ingredients : homemade juices, high-end teas, unusual bitters, aromatic herbs and flowers… They play with taste, color, structure and presentation … Continued

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When it comes to tasting, bubbles pair very well with many appetizers! Between saberings, La Champagnerie offers a formula created for you, by you, personalized according to your needs and selected regarding your tastes. Experience the delicious combination of our kitchen and cellar to make your event a unique and flavoured moment. Appetizer tastings, pairings … Continued

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297019 While supplies last


When: 18/07/2015 @ 4:17 pm – 5:17 pm

You may have heard about our numerous and diverse private imports, now let us present one of our most exceptional bubbly. Hopefully you will get the chance to try it… 2015 is marked by the … Continued

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vignette GG THURSDAY JULY 16th

Summer Soirée by Grey Goose

When: 15/07/2015 @ 3:48 pm – 4:48 pm

° Thursday July 16th ° Summer Soirée ° A get together that’s relaxed but refined…planned but still casual, it takes advantage of the beauty of summer nights in the Old-Port… For a unique moment presented by … Continued

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T6-e143535674020001 ALL SUMMER LONG

More sun, more bubbly!

When: 27/06/2015 @ 4:24 pm – 5:24 pm

  With good weather comes good times spent outside on a terrace! So la Champagnerie decided to open ours up to you a little earlier than usual. Starting at 3pm every Friday and Saturday, soak … Continued

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